Shipping Guide


This document provides information on how to send your samples to us for sequencing. If you are unsure of anything, or if you require additional information then please contact us on

Address Label

You can download a custom generated address label from your project portal by visiting the “Sample Prep & Packaging” tab, and clicking “Project identification and address label”.

Figure 1 - Location of the custom generated address label in your project portal.

We encourage use of this label as it contains additional information including a scannable barcode, handling instructions, and icon indicating whether the samples are strains or DNA sample check in process quicker on our end. Here’s an example label:

Figure 2 - An example of a custom generated address label, complete with a scannable barcode, relevant harmonised code, and other essential information.

DNA Samples

The contents should be clearly described as:

DNA Samples for Next Generation Sequencing - NON-HAZARDOUS, NON-HUMAN, RESEARCH USE ONLY.

The harmonised commodity code for DNA samples is: 2934999090

DNA can be shipped at ambient temperature for transit times of 1-2 days.

Shipping at 4°C (blue ice) is recommended if:

  • transit times are expected to be > 2 days.
  • samples might be exposed to warm temperatures in transit.
  • you have eluted your samples in water rather than a buffer.

For extended transit times please consider using dry ice.

Strain Samples

The contents should be clearly described as:


The harmonised commodity code for strain samples is: 3002490080
Strains can be shipped at ambient temperature for transit times of 5-7 days.

Shipping at 4°C (blue ice) is recommended if longer transit times are expected.

Please read the manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheet for DNA/RNA Shield before use.

Strain samples sent to MicrobesNG are exempt from the infectious substances category for transport and labelling because the DNA/RNA Shield inactivation buffer lyses the bacteria.

Arranging shipment

Using a MicrobesNG & PlasmidsNG drop box

Access free, simple shipping with our sample dropbox network. If you have a dropbox, visit to find out when your next collection is, and fill out the brief form to let us know what you’re sending.

If you don’t have a dropbox, or want to find out more then click here.

Other shipping options

We recommend using a courier or recorded delivery to ensure full tracking and trace of your consignment. It is your responsibility to book and pay for the delivery.

You can also deliver your samples in person, Monday to Friday, between the hours of 08:00 to 16:00 (excluding UK Bank Holidays). There is a designated space in reception for you to leave your samples; please ask at reception.

Please drop us a quick email to let us know that the samples are on the way and provide us with the tracking number if available.

Our email address is:

Our full postal address is:

Laboratory Services - MicrobesNG
Units 1-2 The BioHub, Birmingham Research Park
97 Vincent Drive
B15 2SQ
United Kingdom
Tel : (+44) 0121 295 1910

International Shipments

If you send samples from outside the UK, you must prepare them for customs clearance. All international shipments must be labelled with a customs declaration form. An example of the customs declaration form that we use to send tubes to our overseas customers can be found here. It’s essential that you include the relevant harmonised commodity code (DNA: 2934999090, Strain: 3002490080), which is also sometimes referred to as a tariff number.

We recommend that you check with your chosen courier company to confirm the exact documents that need to be attached to your package for customs clearance and if there is any further information you need to provide so that the consignment is not delayed in customs.

Please note that you might need to pay for customs clearance once the tubes for strain samples reach your country (for strain projects). Of course, we will pick up the customs costs at our end for the clearance of your samples to allow for prompt delivery.

Delivery of samples

Consignments can be received Monday-Friday between the hours of 08.00 - 16.00 (excluding UK Bank Holidays).

Please note that there are no staff available to accept deliveries during the weekend

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