Sample Dropbox

Sending samples,
made simple

Access free, simple shipping for all of your MicrobesNG and PlasmidsNG projects with our sample dropboxes!

Our dropboxes are designed to make it as easy as possible to get your samples to our door, to get started you’ll need to:

Prepare your samples

Prepare your samples using the relevant protocol and double check your samples meet our submission criteria.

Fill out dropbox sample submission info

Head to to find out when your next collection is, and fill in the brief form. We will only know to expect the samples if you complete the dropbox sample submission information.

You’ll need your dropbox ID (Look for the cat on the front of the box!), and your project reference number.

Put your samples in the box

Make sure your samples are sufficiently protected, and drop them in the box!

We’ll take things from there - you can check out turnaround times here.

How can I get a dropbox?

In order to get set up with one of our dropboxes, we’ll need a few things from you.

Suitable Location You’ll need a suitable location to place the dropbox that is accessible to users and our courier (UPS). We’ll provide you with postage bags and labels, and on each collection day, someone will be responsible for putting the contents of the dropbox into a bag, and attaching the preprinted label ready for UPS to collect. We’ve found that scientific stores areas are great for this, and their reception staff are often willing to help.

Let us know you are interested Sound good? Complete this brief expression of interest form and a member of our team will be in touch soon. We’ll discuss collection frequency options depending on how many samples you typically send, and we’ll do our best to align collection dates to our run schedules to make sure everything’s as seamless as possible.

Questions? Drop us a line at

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