Whole Genome Sequencing

Our cornerstone service, sequencing isolates from around the world!

Choose from our Short, Long or Hybrid service.

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Sequencing Platform   i
Illumina Short Reads
2×250 bp
ONT Long Reads
R10.4.1 Flowcells
Illumina + ONT
Short + Long Reads
Target Coverage   i
30X Target Coverage
Expandable To 510x
50X Target Coverage 30X Illumina
+ 50X ONT
Sample Types   i
Microbial DNA OR
Bacterial Strains
Bacterial Strains Only Bacterial Strains Only
Raw Read Accuracy   i
⨁⨁⨁⨁ ⨁⨁⨁ ⨁⨁⨁⨁⨁
Completeness  i
⨁⨁⨁ ⨁⨁⨁⨁ ⨁⨁⨁⨁⨁
Base Price   i
£65.00 £85.00 £150.00
Discount Tier One   i
100+ Samples
25+ Samples
25+ Samples
Discount Tier Two   i
500+ Samples
75+ Samples
75+ Samples
Discount Tier Three   i
1000+ Samples
150+ Samples
150+ Samples
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