Whole Genome Sequencing Services

Our cornerstone service, sequencing isolates from around the world!

Illumina sequencing at a minimum coverage of 30x to produce whole genomes at a very competitive rate. Send us strains (from bacteria that are BSL2 or lower) or DNA. We accept projects from as few as one sample to thousands. Basic bioinformatics (assembly, annotation and variant calling) included as standard!

A combination of Illumina short reads with Oxford Nanopore long reads to produce top quality genome assemblies. The hybrid assemblies take advantage of the long reads to bridge over repeat regions to scaffold contigs, and the high per-base quality of Illumina reads to ensure that the correct bases are called across the genome assembly. Basic bioinformatics (hybrid assembly, annotation and variant calling) included as standard!

Metagenomics Sequencing Services

Introducing two new services that sit between 16S sequencing and very high yield shotgun metagenomics making metagenomics accessible to all!


Our services are useful to experienced metagenomics customers who want to see the diversity/quality of their sample before embarking on deeper sequencing. They are also accessible to customers that are interested in metagenomics but have little experience, where the service is a standalone package in its own right. Basic bioinformtics included as standard!