Standard Whole Genome Service

Our Standard Whole Genome Service offers Illumina next-generation sequencing data at a minimum coverage of 30x to produce whole genomes at a very competitive rate. We accept DNA or strains (from bacteria that are BSL2 or lower). We accept projects from as few as one sample to as big as hundreds, allowing any microbiology lab to take advantage of NGS data for your research or commercial needs.

Enhanced Genome Service

Our Enhanced Genome Service combines the Illumina short read technology of our Standard Whole Genome Service with Oxford Nanopore long reads to produce top quality genome assemblies for challenging applications. The hybrid assemblies take advantage of the long reads obtained with Oxford Nanopore technology to bridge over repeat regions to scaffold contigs, and uses the high per-base quality of Illumina reads to ensure that the correct bases are called across the genome assembly.


Service Comparison and Examples